Seller Checklist


1.      Get a Property Profile from a Real Estate Agent that lets you know what the current market value of your property is.

2.      Address any issues your property has and speak with your Agent about what is worth fixing and what a good sales price would be based on your property condition.

3.      Discuss what costs are associated with listing your property (Commissions, Reports, etc.):

A) Though brokerages can charge Sellers up to 6% in CA, 5% of the purchase price is the average commission a Seller pays to Real Estate Agents for the sale of their property (split 2.5% to the Seller’s Agent and 2.5% to the Buyer’s Agent). Discuss with the Agent representing you what those costs include (Listing the property, Marketing, etc.)

B) Seller has to provide a Natural Hazard Report per CA law. Costs $90. Done by a company that does not have to go to your property.

C) You have the option of getting a Home Inspection Report to show potential Buyers the condition of your property but it is not mandatory as Buyers will usually get their own. Home Inspection Reports cost on average $600. Pest Reports on average are $395 and Roof Inspections are on average $105. (These inspections are done by companies that require access to your property). Talk with your Real Estate Agent about whether or not you should get inspections. Remember every property and situation is different.

D) Although Buyers usually pay for Escrow and Title fees, the Seller is responsible for paying transfer tax which is usually $1.10 for every $1,000 of the selling price.

4.   Once you are comfortable with your Real Estate Agent and agree to the terms of the listing, you and your Agent will sign a Listing Agreement that outlines the terms of your agreement and also some disclosures regarding your property.

5.   Your property will be listed in MLS, the main real estate industry database. This information will then be advertised on Zillow, Redfin,, etc.

6.   Your Property will be shown by appt. Your property will have a lockbox that allows potential Buyers, accompanied by their Agents, to view your property. Please go over any showing requirements you may have with your Real Estate Agent.

7.  Your Real Estate Agent will present any and all Buyer offers to you as they come in. It is up to you to choose what offers to accept and what offers to counter offer or deny.

8.  Once you have chosen an offer, you will sign the Buyer’s Purchase Offer Contract and some more disclosures. Title/Escrow is officially opened by the Agents and then it is a waiting game on the Buyer for them to complete their inspections, financing, etc. if those contingencies apply.

9. Once the Buyer has completed everything on their end, you will sign Seller documents with a notary for the Title Company including Transfer of Deed, etc.

10. Close of escrow. Sale is complete when funds are wired and the County records the property’s new owner. It is usually at this time that you hand over the keys and possession of the property.                                                                                          

My Full Service Option for Sellers (5% total commission):

-Consulting with you on how the real estate process works if you are new to it and being available for any questions you may have

-Current Market analysis of your property (using the MLS database as well as doing an in-person evaluation)

-Draw up a Listing Agreement Contract (I own my listings not my brokerage, feel free to ask me what extra protection this offers my clients)

-Draw up and providing all the necessary legal CA Disclosures and Contract documents to be signed

-Provide Professional Photography

-Provide a Home Inspection

-Provide a Natural Hazard Report

-Coordinate with Staging Professionals if you choose to stage your property

-List your property in the MLS database (that feeds to Zillow, etc.)

-Put up a For Sale sign and Supra key lockbox at your property

-Market your property via MLS, social media, online platforms, internal communications with other agents, listing your property address on my banner(s), etc.

-Manage property showings and answering any questions buyers and their agents might have

-Provide the Title Company with all the documentation and communication they require

-Work with the Buyers’ Agents in procuring offers for your property

-Present Offers and reviewing them with you until you accept one

-Work with the Buyer’s Agent on the offer you accept to make sure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible

-Provide you with timely updates and being available for any questions until your transaction is complete

My 'For Sale By Owner' Service Option for Sellers (4% total commission):

-Draw up a Limited Listing Agreement Contract and providing all the necessary legal CA Disclosures and Contract documents to be signed

-Input your property into the MLS database

-Provide the Buyer's Agent and the Title Company with all the necessary documentation they require

You would do all the marketing for your property, manage showing times, work directly with Buyer's Agents and Buyers, etc.

My Private Sale Option for Sellers ($4,500 Flat Fee):

If you already have a Buyer and an agreed upon sales price for your property, I can draft the necessary documentation, including the Listing Agreement, Disclosures and Contracts you need to sell your property with the benefit of brokerage representation. I can represent both the Seller and Buyer for $6,000 total.

*Remember only licensed real estate professionals can be subscribed to the MLS database, ZipForms (the service that provides all the CA Real Estate Contract Forms), have access to Supra Key Lockboxes and Realtor organizations. Agents also pay a certain commission split to their brokerages to cover liability, insurance and the overhead business costs of client representation. 


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