Buyer Checklist

As a Buyer, you do not pay the commission for your Real Estate Agent. Agents for the both the Buyer and Seller are paid for by the Seller. The Agents’ commission is usually 5% of the purchase price, split 2.5% between the two agents.

1.      Get pre-approved with a lender if you require financing. Talk with a Real Estate Agent about the benefits of going with a local bank, credit union, or mortgage broker. This way you will know what you qualify for and who can give you the best deal.

2.      Have your Real Estate Agent set up an MLS search for you. MLS is the main real estate industry database that Zillow, Redfin,, etc. get their information from. You will be matched with properties that fit your criteria.

3.      Let your Real Estate Agent know which properties you are interested in and schedule an appt to go see them. 

4.      When you find a property that you would like to make an offer on, your Real Estate Agent will write up a Purchase Offer for you to sign via Docusign online. The Purchase Offer, your financing Pre-approval Letter and a copy of your Bank Statements (that show you have funds for closing costs) all get emailed to the Agent representing the Seller. The Seller will then accept, deny or counter offer within the timeframe stated in your Purchase Offer (usually 3 days).

5.      If your offer is accepted, Title/Escrow is opened by your Real Estate Agent. You will have 3 business days to get a deposit check to the Title Company. Buyer is also usually responsible for paying Escrow and Title Fees. 

6.      You will also have a timeline to conduct your Home Inspections per your Purchase Offer. Buyer’s inspections are paid for by the Buyer. Home Inspection Reports cost on average $600. Pest Reports on average are $395 and Roof Inspections are on average $105.

7.      If you are financing, the Buyer is also responsible for paying for the lender's property appraisal that can cost on average $400.

8.      When your loan receives final approval and all contingencies are removed, you will sign loan documents with a notary for the Title Company. 

9.      When your loan funds, funds are wired to the Seller and the County records new ownership. Then you officially receive the keys and possession of your new property.

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